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Augmented Reality (AR) in the home textile sector

A possible further development of 3D is the so-called augmented reality, AR for short. This is the merging of the real world with digital elements, directly on the smartphone screen or in glasses. The simulation and interaction in the digital world thus take place directly in front of the viewer's eyes.

At Lomotex, we are pioneers in augmented reality simulations in the home textile segment. In this way, all of our products (e.g. bed linen designs) can be projected into your own four walls.

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Bed & linens
Linen only

This symbol activates the function in your device. You then have to allow access to the camera in order to be able to position the object virtually in your own space.

If the AR icon is not displayed, the device does not have a camera or is not compatible with the necessary software.

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