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Excellent value for money, perfect service, great innovative strength as well as highly efficient logistics are the basis for the work of LOMOTEX GmbH & Co. KG. We have been planning, creating, and delivering high-quality products in the field of home textiles for over 30 years.

Our all-in-one service extends from professional advice regarding quality and design, well-structured contract-fulfillment and contract-monitoring to high class logistics – the best basis for an excellent partnership.

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We actively support you in selling our products which starts with the shipment. Your customers appreciate our well-known collections Gräfin von Liebstedt, Comtesse Luxury Line, Comtesse Green & Smart, Best Companion and Castilia. This simplifies your job and will help you generate sales. As you can see, LOMOTEX GmbH & Co KG is a competent service provider that delivers innovative concepts for your commercial success.

Marketed under the name LOMOTEX®, we have been successfully distributing linen, fitted sheets, blankets as well as items for living, bathroom, and kitchen for decades.

Customer Loyalty: Breaking boundaries to open up new synergies for you - that is our claim. Our range of services extends from global sourcing and logistic strategies for design and technology on a European level through to support in the areas of marketing and sales. The world’s biggest discounters and trading companies are our satisfied customers. As a long-term partner, we constantly develop new products and integrated product concepts.

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There are various factors for successful product sales. However, we focus on the quality of our products. This is why we have established long-term cooperations with acclaimed testing authorities, which support us regarding quality assurance and certification of our products. In addition, LOMOTEX GmbH & Co. KG employees monitor production processes of our suppliers worldwide.

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We create unique product worlds, which arouse customer desire and enhances sales appeal. Get an impression of our variety of products.

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To be better than others… you need mind, commitment and a good amount of experience. We have it all and have been delivering it for decades. Our secret of success: When it comes to your order, we have all strings in our hand – from start to finish. Our divisions work fast and efficiently and deliver full service at its best.

The quality standards of our products are most important for us. Within our production process we aim for quality in terms of usability, durability and most importantly health related aspects. Therefore, all phases of the production process at the production sites are screened, monitored and constantly improved by independent research institutes and experts.

In the producing countries, we are supported by local specialists with regards to the measures of quality assurance of our finished goods as well as conditions of production.

Furthermore, we draw random samples from our ongoing production to be sent to Germany for testing, mainly checking for pollutants, performing characteristics and security parameters.

We also extend our quality principle to our after sales service, as this plays a prominent role in our constant quality philosophy.


Sustainability is crucial in the home textiles sector as it involves water use, land use, a choice of materials, color chemistry, transportation, and human contact. Customers demand that products are not just safe for consumers, but also safe for the workers who produce them. Lomotex has been working on this for years. All articles are manufactured exclusively in production factories in which a social compliance audit has been conducted by independent institutes. In addition, Lomotex looks deeper into the supply chain. Most of the articles we sell carry the Oeko-Tex Made in Green label, which shows that not only the Tier 1 manufacturing facility has been environmentally audited, but also the Tier 2 dyehouse/printer.

For factories we work with, we collect signed Codes of Conduct, read through their social compliance audit reports, work with them only when they achieve certain grades, encourage factories to submit continuous improvement plans, collect wastewater test reports, environmental audit reports or certificates, and provide supply chain transparency to our customers. In this way, we are working hard to assess not only the general risks in the textile sector, but also potential harms in our specific supply chain.

From consultations between our local partners and workers representatives at different factories, to receiving amfori country-specific updates and challenges, or reading the grievances originating from front-line workers in social compliance audit reports, etc., Lomotex is an advocate for affected stakeholders in its supply chain. Though not always successful, Lomotex has encouraged factories to improve in areas of family support (child-friendly spaces), advancing women in leadership at the factories, and lessening the impact of hardship due to inflation (and real wages deteriorating).

If one of the production facilities falls short, Lomotex works with the factory to remediate any problems. Only in severe cases, like with forced labor, when the factory is unresponsive to making any changes, would Lomotex sever the relationship. This is recommended by sustainable development advocates, as the way the whole industry can improve faster.

In the last few years Lomotex has seen its use of sustainable cotton increased, as it added BCI, CmiA, and OCS Blended articles to its sustainable cotton mix, along with the previously used GOTS. In addition, we worked with producers to bring post-consumer recycled GRS-certified polyester articles to market. Lomotex has achieved the following certifications: GOTS, GRS, and OCS, which involved a physical audit at our office.

We also increased the percentage of factories we work with, who are Oeko-Tex STeP certified. Since the Oeko-Tex Made in Green logo relies on both STeP and Oeko-Tex 100, this is above the industry norm, and ensures both a factory-level and product-level inspection.

Our commitment to upholding human rights in our supply chain is firmly established in our Lomotex Human Rights Mission Statement. Earlier in 2021, we saw the value of making this explicit in the Lomotex Producer Code of Conduct, integrating this into our vendor contracts. If there is a complaint in our supply chain, we are working with our largest customer, to make sure their grievance mechanism is posted throughout the Tier 1 producers. This grievance mechanism in the local language gives a process for how to report unresolved factory complaints.

As a general rule, we submit supply chain transparency documents to our customers, which inform them not only of the manufacturing factory, but the dyehouse/printer, weaver, and spinner as well. In addition, consumers can use the Oeko-Tex Made in Green ID number to see more clearly the supply chain for their purchase. We also submit the totals of conventional materials versus sustainable materials to the customer, so they can measure and manage their public sustainability commitments.

All of this informs our due diligence, risk assessment, and our processes for abating those risks. Lomotex works hard to satisfy our customers and walk with them on this journey to a more sustainable world.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the security of having purchased a good product, which meets absolutely all requirements. We cooperate with worldwide acclaimed and renowned testing authorities. You want to learn more about our products or you want to get a ‚feel‘ for the products during a product presentation? Don’t hesitate to contact us.