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Sustainability and social compliance

For a bright Future

Social responsibility and sustainability in the production of our goods are our top priorities. We focus on using sustainable materials such as recycled yarns and organic cotton.

Together with our local employees ang long term partners in Turkey, Bangladesh, China and Pakistan we are implementing our sustainable initiatives.

Our key to success is the close team work and constant review on a daily basis.  

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Professionalism on all levels

Not all companies in the home textiles industry have a clear focus on sustainability. At Lomotex, we leave nothing to chance and have established our own compliance and sustainability function since 2018, always supporting our customers and production partners with their expert knowledge and competence.

Our internal specialists are in continuous interaction with all relevant institutes setting the standards for e.g. "Green Button", "Cradle-to-Cradle" or "Made in Green". The constantly increasing demands of the market require an active and future-oriented way of working. To this end, we have implemented a complex monitoring of these areas within our production network and adapt accordingly to the latest and highest standards.

We see ourselves as pioneers in the industry, which is also reflected in our active participation in customers' pilot projects and the implementation of these standards by our producers.

In addition to close interaction with institutes, customers, and producers, we are also in continuous alignments with cotton traders. This gives us the opportunity to recognize tomorrow's developments and trends in cotton cultivation today and to act accordingly for our customers. The relevant interest groups, such as customers and producers can contact Lomotex at all times via the established complaints mechanism.

In 2021, Lomotex has not received any complaints.


The Green Button is a government-run certification label for sustainably manufactured textiles. It provides clear guidance for consumers when shopping. The Green Button sets out mandatory requirements to protect people and the environment in the textile production process. A total of 46 stringent social and environmental criteria must be met – ranging from wastewater to forced labour. What is special about the Green Button is that the company as a whole is also audited, not just the product. This makes it the first government-run certification label to systematically audit companies for compliance with human rights and environmental due diligence in their supply chains. The government defines the criteria and conditions for the Green Button, creating clarity and trust. Independent auditors review compliance with the criteria.

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